Why are we the Best Choice

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Why Us?


● Access to the most extensive network in Spain and Portugal.

● Complete medical assistance solutions under a single and homogeneous  network that guarantees common protocols and pricing structure.

● Excellent quality service delivery:

– Centrally managed medical supervision for each individual case.

– Most extensive network for medical assistance at patient’s location.

– We focus on Medical Outpatient delivery to offer the best quality service   delivery at the lowest cost.

– High customer satisfaction.

● Cost advantage in the local Spanish and Portuguese markets:

– We reduce medical costs anywhere from 15% to 20% vs. the rest of the market.

– We are not just getting a “discount”, we will provide the best case management at the most competitive rates.

– We are direct service providers with no intermediaries.

● Fully integrated system to allow for an appropriate Case Management and Cost Control.

● Operational excellence.

● Exceptionally skilled international staff.

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